LIFE CONNECTS triple launched

About 120 invited guests and participants enjoyed the opening speeches and the presentations given by the Governors of Skåne and Blekinge Counties, the Director-general for SWAM and the Klippan municipality City-council (among many others) during three successive ceremonies in Klippan (29/11/2019), Mörrum (09/12/2019) and Kalmar (16/01/2020).

As part of the events, additional field visits were organized and highly appreciated at the dam removal sites in both Rönne å River and Mörrumsån River.

Major objectives with the events were to communicate LIFE CONNECTS for the wider public nationally and let the team members of the project get together and team up, getting a holistic view-point about the project from the start. No fewer than five television shows, about fifteen publications by the newspapers, and three radio shows have been published or broadcasted (as listed below) following the project launches. In other words, a fantastic kick-start of LIFE CONNECTS.

Thanks to you all/Ivan and Karin





Life Connects web page - workshop

The Life Connects communication gang, i.e. Emma, Jullan, Anders K, Anders E, Karin and undersigned were gathered at the Swedish Angling Association (SAA) in Malmö for learning how to create posts and pages of information at our web page in properly.

Thanks to Emma for an interesting and productive work shop