Klippan municipality and the Rönne å project reached almost all the way

Klippan municipality and the Rönne å Project was nominated to the Swedish EPA environmental reward.

Five Projects were nominated in the category "Percistence and sustainability" and one of them was Klippan municipality and the Rönne å project.

- It is a grate honor for us to be nominated, says Tord Andersson, projectleader for the Rönne å project and environmental director at Klippan municipality.

The Rönne å project is important for the municipality and will provide a lot of benefits for biodiversity but also for turism and rural development in the region. The municipal join the digital ceremoni on the 6 of may, where the reward was given to the outdoor promotion organisation Friluftsfrämjandet.

- We are proud and happy for the nomination and the attention the municipality has gained from the nomination and it is a recognition for our nature conservation efforts that has gone far beyond what a small municipality usually accomplish, says the director of the municipal Thomas Rikse.


Webbinarium about fish- and faunapassages

Webbinarium about fish- and faunapassages

Three members from LIFE CONNECTS participated at a whole day webbinarium about fish- and faunapassages. It was the Swedish angency for marine and water management together with the Swedish University of Agricultural Scienses that presented a new guidline that will come in may. It will be a digital guidline that give advices about creating up- and downstreams passages with best available technology (BAT).


Life goes on

Life goes on

The COVID-19 virus are affecting us all. Still, LIFE CONNECTS goes on and we hope that we soon can go for full speed again. All physical meetings has been canceled and instead digital meetings have been used. It has worked surprisingly well, even if it can´t replace the physical meetings completely. Our hope is that all measures will bee done as planned this year and the work can carry on for improving our rivers. We follow all rekomendations and hope you all take care and can enjoy the spring a littel.

Leader project granted for sustainable ecoturism around Rönne å river and Lake Ringsjön

Leader Project granted for sustainable ecoturism around Rönne å river and Lake Ringsjön

When Rönne å river will be free flowing the potential for increasing ecotourism in the area. The municipalities around Rönne å has been granted 1.7 million SEK from Leader to investigate the possibilities to develop sustainable ecotourism around Rönne å river and Lake Ringsjön. The municipalities will contribute with funding and will implement the project together with landowners and businesses in the area.

Klippan and the Rönne å project is one of the finalists for environmental objectives price

Klippan Municipality (the Rönne å River restoration) is one of the finalists for the national environmental objectives price

We can proudly announce that the LIFE CONNECTS-beneficiary - Klippans municipality, and "the Rönne å-project", is one of nine finalists for getting the price "for outstanding work to achive Sweden´s environmental objectives". Fantastic work so far...

The Swedish environmental protection agancy will anounce the winner 6th of may in Nyköping.


Evening about Rönne å draw full house

Evening about the Rönne å Project draw full house

The 13th of february around 70 curious people gathered at Elfdalens Community center to listen to Tord Andersson (Klippans kommun), Fredrik Lundblad (Naturentreprenad Syd) and Lukas Österling (Länsstyrelsen Skåne). The informed about the project and why it is important to regain running Waters.

International confecence in Normandie, France

International Conference in Normandie, France

At a restaurationconference in Normandie, France, more than 20 countries gathered to share knowledge and experiences to improve fishmigration.

LIFE CONNECTS participated with four members that shared information about the project and connected with other projects.

See the program and presentations here.