In September, electrofishing was carried out from a boat in Rönneå to catch adult salmon. Electrofishing from boat  builds on the same principles as traditional electrofishing, but you do it with the help of a boat at areas where you can not do traditional electrofishing. With the help of electrofishing from boat, you can catch larger fish, which was also the purpose in this case. The salmon that were caught were placed in large tubs and then moved upstream of the three hydroelectric power plants in Klippan municipality. DNA samples were taken from the salmon to map their geneome. Small transmitters were placed on the salmon to get information about their movement patterns upstream the power plants. Knowing where the salmon migrate we can provide information about where important spawning areas are located. The position of the salmon is updated in real time and seems to thrive in its former spawning grounds. In the future the fish will be able to use these areas for spawning.

Electrofishing from boat was also carried out in the water reservoir in Stackarp and Forsmöllan. In Stackarp, few fish and species of fish was caught in general. In Forsmöllan the amount of fish was more abundant but still not as many as predicted. The various fish species caught in the reservoirs was for example perch, roach and pike.