Main objectives with the LIFE CONNECTS 2020 MEETING were to give a general update and to create synergies between project partners, external stakeholders, and different research teams involved using LIFE CONNECTS as a platform.

About 40 participants took part of the event using zoom, and the different presentations given revealed the great nature of LIFE CONNECTS, quality and diversity in other words! Some of the highlights include presentations related to the removal of Marieberg HPP, salmon migration behaviour in Rönne å River and the interactions between freshwater pearl mussel and its host fish in Vramsån River.

We also greatly appreciate the presentations given by Gustavo from the European Commission (EASME), Bent from NEEMO and Ingemar at the County Board of Jämtland who together put LIFE CONNECTS on the national/international map. In addition, we thank invited students, external researchers and our consultants who together with the project crew and others made the conference successful indeed.

Bellow the conference program including the presentations which can be at display by clicking on the headlines.


Day 1


Day 2



Ivan Olsson, Karin Olsson, Erik Schenström (LC), Lukas Österling, Kim Bernt, Johan Wagnström, Gerda Tepic (CAB Skåne), Johan Tielman (UNIPER), Karl-Johan Persson (CAB Kalmar), Fredrik Nordwall, Mårten Gustafsson (Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, SWAM), Olle Calles, Samuel Shry, Martin Österling, Sebastian Rock, Jan-Olof Göran Andersson, Johan Watz (KAU), Tord Andersson (Klippan Municipality, KM), Anders Karlsson, Ebbe Berglund and Julius Jarving Ohlsson (Sportfiskarna, SAA), Ingemar Näslund (CAB J), Peter Mathisen (CAB X), Ida Maria Rigoll (SVEA), Anders Persson, Anders Nilsson, Marie Andersson (LU), Sebastian Sobek (UU), Lina Polvi Sjöberg (UMU), Gustav Hellström (SLU), Jakob Bergengren (Tekniska verken), Anders Eklöv (Eklövs fiskevård), Peter Belin, Fredrik Holmberg (Synlab), John Fidler (Naturcentrum), Fredrik Lundblad (Naturentreprenad Syd), Viktor Hebrand (Fiskevårdsteknik), Bent Jepsen (LIFE Monitoring team, Neemo) and Gustavo Becerra-Jurado (The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, EASME).