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The Scania nature conservation reward goes to Fredrik Lundblad, Naturentreprenad Syd AB

The county administration board of Scania (Skåne) award Fredrik Lundblad the Scania natur conservation reward for his dedication and driving force to recreate free flowing and sustainable waters for humans and nature. Fredrik Lundblad and his collegues at Naturentreprenad Syd AB are involeved in the LIFE CONNECTS project and will the next couple of years help the project fulfill its goals. Congratulations to the reward!

Each year the county administration board of Scania (Länsstyrelsen Skåne) Award a person, organisation or Company for important efferts for nature conservation in the county. This year the honorable reward was given to Fredrik Lundbland, Naturentreprenad Syd AB for his work with water restauration. In a pressrelease the governor Anneli Hulthén says that:

Fredriks dedication for our running waters and its inhabitants is unique. The nature conservation work in Scania has, with Fredriks cost effictive and to a large extent idealistic work, lead to the restaruration of several rivers.

Fredrik Lundblad has worked with restauration of waters for a long time and to a large extent in Scania. This year he and his colleagues will be involeved in LIFE CONNECTS, in among others Rönne å and Mörrumsån.

Fredrik is proud and happy for the reward and says:

It is a great honor to get this reward. But I regard it as not only mine, but as a reward for the team we are at Naturentreprenad Syd AB. Me and my wife Andrea have the overall responsibility for all the projects and even if it is me in the excavator I have a staff that takes care of transport, repairs, fencing and everything else. Everyone involved is handpicked and extremely commited and interested in river restoration.

The Company is situated in Bjuv and it started because the great interest for water and especially running waters and the nature conected with them. The dedication for water restauration is obvious and not something you can miss when talking to him. On the question about what is driving him, he says:

I started this buissnes due to the simple reason that I was tired of all the Projects that was done more to promote the contractor than the nature. My driving force is to prove that you can do river restauration in cost effective ways. The money available for restauration are limited and the need for restauration huge. 

What do Fredrik hope that LIFE CONNECTS can achieve? He answers:

That the funding we get from EU will be used reasonably and that it result in restoration actions.

Once again, congratulations to Fredrik and the team at Naturentreprenad Syd AB!